Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some things I love right now...

1. I love looking at JD Perry's Toothbrush photo blog every day. He is taking a picture of himself every day for a year brushing his teeth in the morning. Sounds boring, but no, he has some really creative and funny photos and each day is different. Definitely check it out!

2. The new song from Paolo Nutini called Candy. Great song and I can't wait for the whole album next month.

3. Video chat on my mac that I just figured out how to use so I can
talk to my friend Shannon!

4. Iced Berry Chai tea's from Starbucks, I think they have something 
other than tea in them because I am addicted to them!

5. That in 33 days I will be in Europe seeing some favorite places and 
finding new favorites too!

What are some things that you love right now?

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