Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Camera!

I got a new camera yesterday and I am in love! I got a Canon SX200 IS and it is great so far. I needed a new one for Europe next week. My old camera decided a few months ago that it was tired of taking pictures, it wanted to grow up to be a video camera only. I was able to get it to take pictures eventually but last weekend it decided to have nothing to do with photos, so I got the new one. Then of course the old one has now decided to take pictures again!

Anyway, with going to Europe next week I wanted something with a better zoom than my old camera and boy did I get it. See this picture of the playground across the street was taken at full zoom!
And here is the same park with no zoom, so cool right!
This camera also has a Sunset setting on it!!! One of my favorite things to take pictures of are sunsets so it is like this camera was made for me! Well now it's off to do some cleaning and preparing for my trip, more great pictures soon!

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