Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tales from the Weekend

I went out to California over the weekend to visit friends and go to my 5 year college reunion. It was a great weekend. Shannon picked me up on Thursday and after a 3 hour trip home in crazy traffic and an incident at In and Out we made it back to her place to hang out. Friday we saw a community college production of Rent. Shannon's sister had a friend in the show. It was great, I forgot how much I love the music in that show. It has been in my head ever since!

Saturday was the homecoming game at CLU. We won 38-7! After the game we went to the alumni event and said hi to a few people from our class. Not too many showed up but I am still glad we went.

Then we drove to Malibu and had dinner by the beach. I miss the beach a ton!

Sunday we met up with my friend Jen and her sister Melanie and Jen's beautiful baby girl. It was so good to see them. Shannon and I wandered around Ikea for a bit and planned out our dream places and played with puppets. Which brings me to my question, is this a crazy dolphin or a shark?

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