Monday, January 31, 2011


My desk looks something like this...
and my floor looks something like this...
But I have gotten a lot done this way so I guess it's not all bad.

some more currents:
listening: the new Fleet Foxes song
drinking: dr pepper
wearing: comfy sweats
wondering: how much snow we will get tomorrow
weather: cold and cloudy
feeling: tired of winter
thinking: about what to start working on next
wishing: it was April already


  1. My area is looking pretty much the same! It shows some creating going on- yaya!!!

  2. I agree . . . the messier the space, the more creative you can be! Good luck on the snow tomorrow . . . my daughter is in Chicago and it sounds like she's going to get hammered with snow.

  3. For me, a mess is usually indicative of a good bit of craftiness! Enjoy your crafting/hibernation weather!

  4. I am better at being crafty when I have a mess going. Then you can see all your stuff!