Monday, April 18, 2011

Mini Book Monday: 28 @ 28

My 28th birthday is tomorrow! I have seen a lot of these types of projects around the Internet and decided it would be fun to do one this year.
For this album I grabbed all of the fun and bright colored supplies I could find and cut out 29 sheets of paper to 6x6.
Here is my list of things I want to do this year. (Not going to lie, some of the items on this list are things I already have planned to do)

1. Go to Ireland
2. Run/walk 365 miles
3. Cook a meal for my family
4. Read 28 books
5. Open an Etsy shop
6. Run a 5K
7. Take an online class
8. Knit 3 sweaters
9. Design a knitting pattern
10. Visit friends in CA
11. See a concert with Shannon
12. Go to Seattle
13. Take a photo a day for a month
14. Send a friend a card just because
15. Volunteer
16. Donate something handmade
17. Try a new food
18. Journal once a week
19. Paint a picture
20. Take a dance class
21. Make cupcakes from scratch
22. Go snorkeling
23. Get a project published
24. Plan a fun weekend with friends
25. Set goals each month
26. Go to the zoo
27. Go to the beach
28. See a show on Broadway

I can't wait to see what 28 brings!


  1. Happy Birthday. And have fun crossing things off your list.

  2. great idea, i need to do this. love the colors too

  3. such a fun little book! good luck crossing things off your list....sounds like fun stuff!

  4. Impressive list!! Good luck and have fun doing them all.

  5. Happy birthday!!! Tha list looks like it will make for a fun year!

  6. Happy Birthday! What a great list!