Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jen's Wedding!

Just got back from a wonderful week in Los Angeles for my friend Jen's Wedding! It was a busy week but the whole thing turned out beautifully! The whole day was a blast! (Click on pictures to see bigger)
After the ceremony we took some pictures outside where the reception was.
Me and Jen and her sisters Michele and Melanie, we were told to make her laugh which isn't that hard to do! Thanks Shannon for taking all of these pictures for me!!

The bride and I

The whole wedding party...we had some trouble all figuring out the silly poses for these pics!

So glad Shannon could come out for the day!
We had a great dinner and then spent the night dancing.
My favorite dance partner Jacob, Jen's nephew, kept me on the dance floor all night long!

Jen and Ray and their first dance
Jen dancing with her Dad

We had a great night, I don't think I sat down after dinner was over!
The next day Shannon and I went to Zuma beach and saw dolphins

Then we took a trip to CLU to see the Gold Gumby statue for ourselves....we are not to sure about it.
Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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