Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10 Random Things

Just a few random things for a Wednesday!

1. This layout that I did over the weekend that I think is my new favorite.2. I saw Jamie Cullum in concert last night and I am in love with his version of Don't Stop the Music which can be found here and his new album is AMAZING!

3. It has been sunny for two days in a row now and even in the 50's and this makes me so crazy happy that it's not even funny!

4. I finished knitting my Lady Elenore shawl last week and couldn't be more pleased that it is finished. I will take some pictures and share that one in a few days.

5. In other knitting news, I started making my friend a baby blanket and I can't wait to finish it to see how it looks.

6. I have been having fun putting things on my tublr page. It is like a blog but I have been using it as a place to keep track of fun pictures I find around the Internet.

7. It was so nice out today that I just got back from a walk. Now I realize that I need to start working out more...

8. My favorite scrapbooking thing right now is the new Dear Lizzy line from American Crafts. It is fun and springy and just lovely!

9. I could really use some Pinkberry and I wish they would open one here!

10. Now that the sun is out I plan on taking pictures and posting some items in my Etsy store very soon, so be sure to check back here to find out the details!


  1. 1. That's cute!

    5. Do I have to have a baby in order for you to knit me something? Cause I'll get on that.

    6. I don't totally understand what tumblr is. Twitter with pictures? Yes? No? Eh?

    9. I'm addicted to Pinkberry. And I think you introduced me. So, your fault.

  2. Hey Melissa! You won the class over at my blog. Send your email address to

    livingroomfloor [at] gmail . com.