Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vacation Photos: Bahamas Edition

Last month my entire family set sail (literally) on a 14 day cruise across the Atlantic Ocean. We started off in Miami, Florida and ended in Barcelona, Spain. The trip was amazing, I am so glad that we could all do this together!

Now for what you want to see, the pictures!
We left Miami and started our journey on the ship. It was such a beautiful and warm day as you can tell by how crowded South Beach was.
On deck it looked something like this:
We had a great first night on the ship and looked forward to spending our first day in Nassau. To start out the day my aunt and I had breakfast on our little balcony before meeting up with the rest of the family.

We decided that we want to live in this house!

We took a taxi over to the Atlantis Hotel to walk around and have lunch. It is a beautiful resort!
I would love to spend a week here at the pool! We also walked around to some of the shops and also got to see them filming some type of reality show that looked like a combo of the real world and the real was interesting!
We headed back to the ship for some time at the pool before leaving Nassau. We took one last shot of the Atlantis before we left!
It was a great first day of our vacation, fun and relaxing! Up tomorrow I will tell you how we spent 7 straight days at sea!


  1. Great pictures! I'll definatley be back to hear about your days at sea!

  2. I forgot about our first breakfast on the balcony! Miss that view.